Wedding Photography

The experience

Third wheel approach 

What to expect

A personal approach to your wedding photography. I love meeting my couple beforehand, in fact I require it! I want to know you as individuals and as a couple. Remember I said I'm your friend? I'm here to tell your love story in the form of visual documentation. Like an old time friend third-wheeling on a very important date. Yes, I'm a professional third-wheeler and I'm proud of it. Having that comfortable and friendly relationship will make your experience much more enjoyable and relaxed.

I believe taking your photos should be fun, enjoyable and natural. When I work I go ALL IN, you will see me climbing on things, jumping over things, whatever it is to get that shot! 
My goal is to not only capture your emotions but to add them with an experience you will never forget. 

My philosophy 

At our very first meeting we will discuss your photography needs and wants for your wedding day. Booking your complimentary engagement session is next. We hang out for an hour, capture photos, and by the end, you will feel like a posing pro! The portrait section of your wedding will flow beautifully since you will know things like how to "bunny kiss." I know what you are thinking, what in the world does that mean?? Don't worry, you will know very soon! 

The Planning

This is it, what we've been waiting for. I'll be there to capture it all. From candid shots, group photos, beautifully posed portraits and more. 

Know that when my team and I arrive on your day that you can relax, and be confident that every single detail will be gorgeously captured for generations to come!

Your wedding day

After your big day - it will take 6-8 weeks to get your gallery. Wedding albums typically take 4-6 weeks after you picked your images. However, due to shipping and unexpected delays this timeline might change. 

Once you receive your photos share them with family and friends! 

Lastly, but definitely not least,  enjoy life together! 

Happily ever after

To ensure that my couples enjoy the BEST photographic experience possible, I believe it is essential to form a relationship. You should connect with your photographer, trust them 100% and be excited about the process! 
This is one of the many reasons I include an engagement session with all of my collections! It's essential that we meet before the wedding day, hang out for an hour, capture photos, and by the end, you will feel like a posing pro! 
All my collections include two professional photographers, digital online gallery and professional editing of all final images.


Investments start at $3,200.00

I can't wait to learn more about your wedding or event!

Ready to book your wedding photographer? Click below to reach out. I'm here for you! Let's set up a call and discuss any questions or concerns you might have in regards to your wedding photography. I will walk you through the process and guide you. I'll be with you through it all. 

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